dont know how feel about the blog, filming and skateboarding is way funner than this. uh it will stay up and definitely still filming for VIDEO shouldnt be to much longer.......HAHAHA. well you dont have to check back that often its prolly gunna slow down WAaay MOre so video soon yay


ArTFarT 3

i forgot about this clip so haha i uploaded it

plus footage everyday for Thanks For Rippin ALMOST SOO enjoy



YOURJERRY.BLOGSPOT.COM is blowin up this past wEEK go take a look
BIGMONI.BLOGSPOT.COM is poppin with a few things and looks exciting new things soon, ALSO looking forward to that video

for FUckBITCHs
the video has been taking up all the time and doin some art work for the BACKDOOR REAL PREMIER this 11TH BLAH tO SEE WOOOP WOOOP... BUSENITZ PART??? YOU READY??
okay so video about a month hopefully less but heres a song for you